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Dec 16, 20 Pasha

Things to consider before contacting an emergency Recovery & Towing Company

Vehicles Transportation safety


Car transporters and car owners have one thing in common when it comes to automated transportation - we all want your vehicle to be as safe as possible during transportation.


The importance of a car may seem secure and easy, but there is a lot of care and experience involved when it comes to preserving your car. Safe and secure.


And this importance is not limited to truck drivers and transporters.


Excellent automobile transportation comes together through a combination of knowledge, skill, experience and sometimes excitement.


Handling with Care


Securing a transport car is a specialized skill that includes a lot of knowledge, experience and hard work. More than just backing up to the loading dock, staff should train almost every step of the way.


After the vehicle is driven into the trailer, the truck's hydraulic ramps raise and tilt the vehicle to the optimum position.


Then the truck driver fastens it with a series of wheel belts.


A truck driver starts with at least four-wheel belts, two at the front and rear of the vehicle, to prevent it from moving at all. Sometimes there are special mounting points on the car, but most often the car is secured by the body, over and around the wheels.

A carrier is one place you don't want your car to bounce or swing! Stabilization is extremely important, but placement is key to preserving the purity of every vehicle. This is why a reputable vehicle towing system like the SEE BAS system only works for experienced car transporters who are highly serviced and high satisfaction levels.

in providing special care and consideration for each customer and vehicle. Every vehicle has its own sensitive areas and pressure points, but experienced auto transport companies know just how and where each vehicle size and shape is attached.


In vintage cars, like famous classics from the 1950s and 1960s, the metal may be weaker or even partially rust, so truck drivers know to avoid putting any extra weight on those parts. In this case, the truck driver will use special fabric belts to stabilize the vehicle, and possibly additional tire belts.

Sometimes cars need to be charged with parts that can't fit inside the car, like Roadsters or Hotrods. It must also be secured with straps or shipping nets.


The four additional tires attached to the vehicle above require additional belts and cargo nets.

For oversize and overweight loads, appropriate equipment must be sent to accommodate and secure the extra volume and weight. In these cases, chains can be used (due to the vehicles' durability) and attached to the chassis, as well as stronger, wider belts and larger chains that can withstand the additional stress.




SEE BAS TRANSPORT employees own wheelbarrows of every imaginable size and shape. Now you have seen not only how and why safety is so important for vehicle towing, but also some examples of ways in which SEE BAS makes sure that every vehicle travels at its best.


It's a huge responsibility, but we don't just take it on, we enjoy doing it. Our auto dealers have done the hard work of learning how to take care of this particular matter because they love the experience, the cars, and the satisfaction that every vehicle has safely come home.


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